Top 5 Netflix series about school and college

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is a film adaptation of the novel by Jay Asher, but who would have thought that it would turn out to be so high-quality and even reveal the characters in more detail? School problems are presented here in a completely new way, for sure, each of us faced them personally. If you are interested in observing your own problems from the outside, and even understanding how exactly you need or, conversely, you do not need to act in a given situation, drive the first series into the search.

Based on the reason mentioned above, it is important to note that the series is not only aimed at a teenage audience. “13 Reasons Why” is worth watching for adults – parents, for example. So they can better understand their children and how hard school years are for them, that teenagers also have problems, and how much they can mean. 


In the story of teenagers, and mainly the main character Ru, whose role is played by Zendaya, it was as if the “intensity” filter was added to the limit: tough scenes, experiments with appearance and drugs, gender uncertainty, and a total sense of loss that comes through in every episode. It is difficult to say what issues are not raised in this series, because it seems that there is absolutely the whole agenda here. Costumes are an additional way to tell the story of the characters. If in the first season they were quite bright, then in the second they become darker to match the mood of the story.

The series became a real breakthrough, entailed a whole cult in fashion.

It is really important to watch such legendary series. And if you are a student and cannot find free time, then use the services that help with your studies. Google pay me to do your homework reviews.


This is the story of four teenagers and their inner circle, who find themselves in the very center of the dark events that have swept Riverdale. Moreover, the images of the male half of the main cast are markedly changed compared to the comics.

But Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge are generally similar to their prototypes from the comics. One is an educated and intelligent girl who breaks the stereotype of blondes and wants to be at the center of events. The other is a spoiled daughter of wealthy parents who decides to reform in order to become better and closer to her new friends.

There is a lot of love, confessions, mistakes and small victories – everything that creates and destroys relationships between people, allows them to make mistakes and learn from them, becoming stronger for something new. Sometimes it’s very naive, sometimes vital, sometimes just stupid – but this is what relationships are made of, especially for those who start them for the first time. 

In some schools, such film works are held in film or literature classes. And if you have not watched the series, but you need to write a review check here.


At first blush, it seems surprising that a Spanish high school detective drama has garnered so much attention, and Netflix has every confidence in it. However, after watching a couple of episodes, all doubts disappear – it deserves attention.

But in reality, it’s not like that. “Elite” immediately presents a variety of types of heroes, characters and problems. And after a short introduction, the plot of the action begins – and here it remains only to have time to follow.

The fact is that in eight episodes, almost all the characters change their relationships several times and, accordingly, their motivation. Moreover, the authors act honestly, not introducing unexpected characters to the finale, but showing everyone from the very beginning. But it is very difficult to predict what will happen to each of them next.

The pace of development here is amazing: apart from the first episode, which serves as a kind of introduction, new information arrives literally every few minutes. Many students use the  services just to find time to watch this series.


They have a “dirty language”, bad habits, dark deeds. They twist intrigues, deceive parents and breed classmates, they fall in love and make mistakes. They cheat and lie, intrigue and take revenge. They live in their own world. And, whatever this world may be, in it, as always, feelings struggle. And love wins.

Simple situations, simple moves – exits, well-known themes, but captivatingly sincere feelings, shamelessly conveyed by young British actors who are close both in spirit and in age.

It often happens that although there is a great idea, the execution leaves much to be desired. But this is not the case. Excellent dialogues. A little specific, but at the same time for some reason so close, English humor. Wonderful music. It is always very interesting, non-standard, but very “out of place”. And, of course, the actors. They really amazed. It seems that they do not play, but they just are. Not once in two seasons was there a scene in which someone did not finish or, on the contrary, outplayed. Everyone coped with their roles perfectly and were able to simply fall in love with the audience.

The bottom line

Whichever serial from the list you choose, we are sure that it will not leave you indifferent. The creators tried to make it impossible to tear yourself away from the screens. Well, stock up on popcorn and make yourself comfortable – this is how watching Netflix shows begins.

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