Top 6 Celebrities who have used online dating


There's a popular misconception that celebrities don't need to use Internet dating. Surely they're surrounded by so many opportunities at red carpet events and after-show parties? Actually, why wouldn't they also think of taking advantage of such a convenient method for meeting partners? Internet dating has become so popular, it's no wonder celebrities have been tempted by the likes of and similar ventures.

Lindsay Lohan

Troubled starlet Lohan had a meteoric rise to success in a series of family-friendly films in the 2000s. She has had her troubles with personal issues, but that's perhaps one reason why she has dabbled in the far less stressful world of online matchmaking! But this wasn't common knowledge until she misguidedly outed her brother as a user of the dating app Tinder. The only problem with this outburst was the fact she posted a screenshot of his profile, begging the question, how did she come across his profile on a secure app unless she'd signed up to be a member herself?!

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The Tottenham-born chanteuse resorted to online dating after breaking up with the boyfriend who had inspired her album '21.' Revealing this much in her autobiography, she admitted to having completed the application process for the renowned dating site eHarmony. She did later state this flirtation with virtual romance was only a passing phase, and has been in a committed monogamous relationship for some time now.

Hilary Duff

Actress, songwriter and former teen idol Duff followed a well-worn route to Internet dating after the breakup of a longstanding relationship – the divorce from her husband Mike Comrie. She even made this very public, featuring footage of herself going on actual Tinder dates in the video for her single ‘Sparks.' By the end of the video, she does say she is no longer interested in using the popular dating app, but the message is clear enough. Even a multi-million selling pop rock vocalist has no qualms about making the most of technology to seek out potential love interests.

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry has forged a successful career in the pop industry since her breakout hit, ‘I kissed a girl.' Since then she has been linked with a series of partners, including a two-year marriage to English comedian Russell Brand. Despite this, she has also been an enthusiastic advocate of online matching. During a radio interview, she once stated, "I'm really deep on Tinder." Perhaps the hectic lifestyle of a pop icon means it's far easier to rely on sifting through personal profiles on an app rather than any of the more traditional dating outlets.

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Ashton Kucher

Roundabout the time he split from his much older wife, Demi Moore, Kucher was said to be an enthusiastic Internet dater, signing up to dating site under various pseudonyms based on characters he had played. This was later revealed to be nothing more than a skit for a social media campaign. But the very fact he was able to weave this cover story merely goes to show the days of Internet dating being somehow stigmatized have been left far behind.

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Eric Stonestreet

Renowned for playing flamboyant and OTT gay character Cameron Tucker in the hit comedy show ‘Modern Family,' Stonestreet is also an aficionado of straight dating on Tinder. When he was a guest of veteran chat show host Howard Stern, he admitted to having met a ‘decent amount' of eligible girls when browsing through the Tinder personals, swiping left and right according to taste.