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Facts about Kylie Jenner's 'Partner' Travis Scott

  • Real Name Jacques Webster, His uncle travis inspired his stage name.kid cudi and kanye west are his idols/favorite inspired artists. so his name travis scott comes from his uncle, travis, and kid kudi's first name is scott.
  • He Start play drum  from  his early age at 3, then he moved to play piano. Scott Grandfather has a master in music composition and his father was a musician who played the drums.
  • Scott dropped out of the University of Texas During his sophomore year at age 19.
  • Scott has a wide range of musical influnces from Kid cudi, ma$e, gym class heros, Coldplay
  • When Scott first meet kanye. He gave him a doritos taco on fancy platter. Even though he was discusted by the taco, he ate it out of the respect for kanye.
  • In 2009 Scott and long time friend Chris Holloway released their first EP: The Granduates EP.
  • Travis co- write and Produced 'Bitch Better Have My Money' Rihanna's hit single.
  • The Scott comes from Kid Cudi. Scott is his first name, and he says he always looked up to him.
  • He probably also doesn't like to be called A$AP Rocky because A$AP replicates the Houston style and Travis is from Houston so he grew up with the style, so he probably doesn't find it fair that some people blame him for 'copying A$AP'.
  • Travis Scott Buys Kylie Jenner A Vintage Rolls Royce For Her 21 st Birthday

Facts about Kylie Jenner’s ‘Partner’ Travis Scott

  • Alex
  • August 13, 2018