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Vijayalakshmi is an Indian actress who is best known for her appearances in Kannada films, off-mainstream-Bollywood films. She has appeared on over 25 Kannada films. She has also appeared in Tamil, Malayan, and Telugu films in her career. She has acted in nearly 40 films in her career. However, she never acted in mainstream Bollywood movies in her career. For her role in her debut movie, Nagamandala, she won Filmfare Award for Best Actress - Kannada in 1997. She has also appeared in several television series. 

She hasn't been active in the industry since 2018.

What is Vijayalakshmi Famous For?

  • Appeared in over 25 Kannada films. 
  • Won Filmfare Award for Best Actress - Kannada for her debut film, Nagamandala. 

Where was Vijayalakshmi Born?

Vijayalakshmi was born in Chennai, Tamilnadu in India. She holds an Indian nationality. She was born to Srilankan Tamil mother and Indian Tamil father. She has one sibling: a sister named Usha. Her mother moved to Indian due to the 1984 riots in Sri Lanka. Her father is from Nagercoil southern Tamilnadu who later settled in Banglore. However, their names are not available. Her religion is Hindu. She belongs to South Asian ethnicity. 

Vijayalakshmi Career

  • Vijayalakshmi made her film debut in 1997. She made her debut with the Kannada film, Nagamandala. 
  • For her role in Nagamandala, she won Filmfare Award for Best Actress - Kannada as well. 
  • In her latter career, she went on to establish herself in Kannada films and appeared in 25 Kannada films.
  • Besides Kannada film, she has also appeared in Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu films. 
  • She made her Malayalam film debut with an uncredited role in Punjabi House in 1998. 
  • She later appeared in Malayalam film, Devadoothan in 2000.  
  • She made her Tamil film debut in 1998 with the film Poonthottam. She later appeared in over 10 Tamil films. 
  • Her Tamil films are Friends (2001), Kalakalappu (2001), Ramachandra (2003), Military (2003), Yes Madam (2003), Soori (2003), Vazhthugal (2008), Boss Engira Bhaskaran (2010), Thillalangadi (2010), Thambikottai (2011), Kadha Solla Porom (2016),  and Meesaya Murukku (2017). 
  • Her Telugu films are Hanuman Junction (2001) and Prudhvi Narayana (2002).
  • She hosted the Bangarada Bete in 2008.
  • She appeared in Sun TV Tamil television series Vasantham from 2007 to 2012.
  • From 2009 to 2013, she appeared in Sun TV Tamil soap opera Chellamay. 
  • She anchored the Vaazhvai Maatralam Vaanga from 2010 to 2011. 
  • She appeared as a contestant on Jaya TV game show, Jackpot in 2010.
  • She also appeared on Sun TV Tamil serials, Mundhuanai Mudichu, Muthaaram, and Nandini.
  • Since 2018, she hasn't appeared in any films or television serials. 

Vijayalakshmi suicide

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Vijayalakshmi Attempts Suicide

Vijayalakshmi has been residing in Chennai for a few years. It was reported in 2006 that she attempted to commit suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. The reason she attempted suicide after being harassed by an assistant director who was desperate to marry her. In addition, her father's death also broke her mentally. However, her suicide attempt failed and she recovered. 

She attempted second suicide in July 2020 after she was continuously harassed by actor turned politician Seeman, her former boyfriend, and his supporters. She had uploaded a video on Facebook where she talked about being continuously harassed. She stated, "This is my last video and I have been in tremendous stress in the last four months because of Seeman and his partymen. I tried my level best to survive all these days because of my mother and sister, but I have been humiliated in the media by Harinadar recently. I would like to tell fans who are watching the video just because I was born in Karnataka, Seeman has tortured me a lot. As a woman, I have put up with it to my highest capabilities. I won’t be able to handle the pressure anymore. I am from the Pillai community, the same community LTTE leader Prabhakaran is part of. Prabhakaran is the only reason Seeman is who he is today, but now he has been harassing me on social media continuously. You slut-shamed me to make me feel the pain and it is up to me to decide on what to do after facing such insults from you. I request my fans not to let Seeman get away from this case. He should never get anticipatory bail. My death should be a big eye-opener for everyone. I don’t want to be a slave to anybody." She then overdosed on Blood Pressure tablets. Following her video, her sister Usha took actor Gayathri Raghuram to Vijayalakshmi's residence. They took her to the Chennai hospital.

Raghuram announced via Twitter that Vijayalakshmi is stable. She wrote, "Vijayalakshmi is stable now. She has gone through huge trauma because of Social Media abuse and threats. As a single struggling woman she has faced a lot. Stop cyber bullying. 🙏. her personal life is betrayed a major reason. World didn't treat her right that pushed her to do this"

Vijayalakshmi partner

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Vijayalakshmi Husband

Vijayalakshmi was previously engaged to actor Srujan Lokesh. They started dating in 2004. The couple got engaged in November 2006. Their wedding was scheduled for March 2007. However, they broke up before getting married. 

She then dated actor turned politician Seeman for two years. At present, she has been living a single life.

Vijayalakshmi Net Worth

Vijayalakshmi made her fortune working in the movie industry. She acted in over 25 Kannada films and over 10 Tamil films. She also appeared in few Malayalam and Telugu films. She is one of the prominent actresses in Kannada films. However, she hasn't appeared in movies since 2019. Her net worth can not be determined at present. 

Everything You Need to Know About Kannada Actress, Vijayalakshmi

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