Who Are Love Island’s Latest Contestants?

Love Island

Looking for a reality show to tune into? The fifth season of Love Island may already be in full swing but it’s not too late to catch up.

But first…

What Is Love Island?

Love Island is a British reality dating show that’s been adapted by networks all over the world. Hosted by Caroline Flack, the original currently airs on ITV2. Each season involves a group of young, good-looking contestants who are isolated from the rest of the world in a Spanish villa.

Each contestant is paired up with another at the start of the series, and can later choose to "re-couple" or stick his or her original pairing. The goals are simple: to not remain single, to not get dumped, and to not be voted off by the viewers. The couple that gains the most votes by the end of the show can take home as much as £50,000, and fans can bet on the top male and female along the way. (As of this writing, for those interested, Michael Griffiths and Amber Rose Gill have the best odds to finish as top male and female performer, respectively). 

Aside from a shot at serious prize money, going on the show has also proven to provide a stepping stone to celebrity status for many contestants. Indeed, even for those who might not earn future bookings on TV or on the big screen, the show can still lead to social media fame, which these days can be just as valuable! Some notable Love Island alums include Laura Anderson, Dani Dyer, and Mike Thalassitis, who tragically passed away earlier this year

The Newest Cast:

Having provided a general overview for those who might be newly curious, or returning to the show after a few years off, it's time to get on to the current season. So without further ado, here are the people to look out for in the newest installment of Love Island:

Amber Gill Amber Gill is a 21-year old beauty therapist from Newcastle. Being a self-proclaimed funny girl, Amber is looking for a partner with humor and who doesn't take himself too seriously.

Amy Hart Amy Hart, a former Miss United Kingdom, is a cabin crew manager from Sussex. She likes dancing and singing in musicals. Like many who have come to the show, Amy is on the hunt for "The One" rather than just a reality show fling.

Anna Vakili Anna Vakili, 28-year-old pharmacist from London, has already been dubbed the "British Kim Kardashian." But Anna, a master's degree holder, wants people to know that she's got the brains as well as the beauty.

Anton Danyluk Anton Danyluk is a Scotland native and gym owner. He wants to meet a blonde, good looking woman who shares his natural work ethic.

Curtis Pritchard Curtis Pritchard is a professional dancer and choreographer who previously appeared on Ireland's Dancing With The Stars. Despite this reality show experience, Curtis is a very private person who's only willing to kiss on TV (and go no further). He also believes that love is blind.

Danny Williams Danny Williams is the youngest male contestant at 21. He works as a model and describes himself as trustworthy and loyal.

Jordan Hames Jordan Hames is a model based in Manchester. Brimming with self-confidence, he rates himself a 9.8 out of 10 and says his biggest asset is his curly locks. As for women, he's looking for someone who is spontaneous but career-driven.

Lucie Donlan Lucie Donlan is a surfer from southwest England. She's on the lookout for a similarly sporty match who prefers time out on the waves to clubs and parties.

Maura Higgins Maura Higgins is an Irish model and ring girl. Her previous relationship lasted for nine years and she's currently looking for a guy who is loyal and in it for the long haul.

Michael Griffiths Michael Griffiths is a firefighter from Liverpool. He regards himself as a straightforward guy who will go for someone he likes without playing games.

Molly Mae Molly-Mae Hague, 20-year old social media influencer, is the show's youngest contestant. Although she has been propositioned by celebrities on Instagram, Molly-Mae says she's looking for someone who isn't social media-famous and who has more to offer than superficial qualities.

Tom Walker Tom Walker may be the oldest in the villa but his boyish good looks help him fit right in. His ideal woman is someone he can be himself around, who's energetic, and who has the spirit for traveling.

Tommy Fury Tommy Fury gets his impressive physique from boxing, which he's attempting to make a professional career out of. He is looking for a woman who is also sporty.

Yewande Biala Yewande Biala is a scientist from Ireland who wants to prove that there are intelligent people in reality TV. Though she has dedicated her life to the subject, Yewande believes that science can't explain love entirely - but she's on the lookout for someone with whom she has good natural banter.

Elma Pazar Elma Pazar is an eyelash technician who was the first female to get dumped on the show (by Anton).

Joe Garratt Joe Garratt, a catering company owner, is Lucie's former partner. The two were originally favorites among fans, but Joe's controlling behavior prompted Lucie to leave him, and effectively eliminate him from the show. 

Sherif Lanre Sherif Lanre, a chef and semi-professional rugby player, left viewers shocked when he was booted off by the producers. He reportedly violated the show's rules, but Love Island's producers haven't revealed the exact circumstances surrounding his removal.

Calllum Mcleod Callum Macleod, 28, was the first one to leave the Spanish villa. He is an aircraft engineer from South Wales, but his serious and mature attitude proved to be a bad fit for Amber, his first match.