Who is Brooke Skylar Richardson? Baby Cause of Death

Who is Brooke Skylar Richardson? Baby Cause of Death, Walks free on Probation

Brooke Skylar Richardson is an American student who was accused of killing and burying her newborn girl in her parents’ backyard in 2017. She was found guilty of gross abuse of a corpse and was sentenced to three years in probation dodging a jail time.

Richardson was born in 1999 in Ohio. She was born to a father, Scott Richardson, and a mother, Kim Richardson.

She attended Ohio high school, where she was a cheerleader. 

Brooke Skylar High School

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Brooke Skylar Richardson Baby Cause of Death

Richardson gave birth to a daughter, Annabelle on 7 May 2017. Trey Johnson, his former boyfriend fathered the son. She was only 18 when she gave birth to Annabelle. Richardson allegedly killed the newborn child and buried in her parents’ backyard. The remains of Annabelle were found about two months after she gave birth. The prosecutors alleged that she had no intentions of keeping the child after she went into labor. They accused Richardson of killing the full-term baby and buried the baby in her parents’ backyard. A forensic pathologist concluded that the baby died from “homicidal violence”.

Brooke Skylar Parents

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Brooke Skylar Richardson Sentencing

Richardson’s legal team denied the accusations that she killed the baby. They claimed that the child was stillborn. 

Before her sentencing, she apologized while addressing the court. She said,

“I am sorry. I can sometimes be selfish, but I’m getting better. I’m sorry. I’ve hurt a lot of people. I am really, really sorry. And I understand.”

Richardson’s father addressed the court and asked for their daughter to be released. He said, “My daughter is suffering from an eating disorder and we are concerned about her health”. Her health condition has deteriorated throughout the trial. She lost her weight to 89 pounds down. She has also lost her hair too. 

Brooke  Skylar Sentencing

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The child’s paternal grandmother, Tracy Johnson also read an emotional statement in the court. She said, 

“Not only I lose my first grandchild, but my baby boy lost his daughter. I would have taken her in with Trey without a question. Now, instead, every May 7, I don’t get to have a birthday party for my first grandchild. Instead, I send her balloons to heaven, to tell her how much her daddy loved her, and how much I loved her.”

However, she was acquitted of aggravated murder, involuntary manslaughter, and child endangerment charges, but found guilty of gross abuse of a corpse. She was sentenced to seven days in county jail and three years in probation. She was credited for time served. Thus, she no more has to serve time in jail. If she violates her probation, she will face jail time. 

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