Who are Ellie Warner and Izzi Warner on Gogglebox ? Everything you need to know about Gogglebox’s Ellie and Izzi Warner

Gogglebox fans are furious over controversial remarks made by Ellie Warner. Ellie had made a horrible joke about Tag game relating with #MeToo movement on the latest episode of Gogglebox. Gogglebox fans took the controversy to social media, criticizing the Warner sisters and demanding the Warner sisters be removed from the series.  

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In the latest episode of Googlebox, Warner was watching footage of the 2019 World Chase Tag Championships with her sister Izzi. Ellie then told her sister that she recently played a tag-style game with her friends. She then told her sister that they chase each other and grab their breasts or bottom. And they named the game #MeToo. 

Izzi was surprised to learn that Ellie and her friends made a game out of the #MeToo movement. She said, “I don’t think you’re supposed to make a game out of the #MeToo movement.”

Following the airing of the episode, Gogglebox fans went furious for Ellie’s remarks. They not only criticized the Warner sisters but also criticized Channel 4 for including controversial remarks on the series’ episode. 

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Fans wrote on Twitter, 

“Can’t believe someone made a joke game out of #metoo where you play Tag and grab each other’s breast or bottom. Izzy and Ellie need removing from #Gogglebox.”

“That’s pretty horrible. Ellie made a game out of the #MeToo movement? It’s not a joke.”

“#Googlebox Ellie and her sister are just vile and uneducated. Joke about #metoo? Why are they still on @C4Gogglebox @Channel4?!”

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What is #MeToo movement?

The #MeToo movement started in October 2017. It is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault. The movement went viral on social media with a #MeToo. It started with sexual-abuse allegations against former American film producer Harvey Weinstein. Since then, several high-profile celebrities around the world have come forward with a #MeToo movement.

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 Who are Ellie Warner and Izzi Warner on Gogglebox?

The Warner sisters, Ellie and Izzie are British television personalities born in Leeds, Yorkshire, the UK. 

Everything you need to know about Gogglebox’s Ellie and Izzi Warner

1. Ellie Warner Faced Backslash for Animal Abuse

Ellie Warner previously faced criticism for pushing her dog, Mick off a chair after she spilled food on herself. Fans criticized Ellie for her rude behavior. mick was named after Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character Michelangelo. She later wrote on Twitter, “I love my dog and would never hurt him.”

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2. Ellie Still Lives with her Mother

Ellie lives with her mother, whereas Izzie lives in an apartment with her son. However, the sisters are close to each other’s place. The Gogglebox scenes are filmed at Ellie’s place. Ellie is also a hairdresser. Her hairdressings can be seen on her official Instagram@elliewarnerhair. Izzie has a son named Bobby Warner. 

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3. The Warner Sisters initially rejected to join Googlebox

The Warner sisters have been featured on the show since 2015. They were first approached for the series by an old friend. The sisters initially the offer to join the series. Izzy stated that nobody wanted to watch them. However, they changed their mind and auditioned for the series. They were subsequently added to the series. 

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4. The Warner Sisters has Quite a Fan Followers on Their Social Media Accounts

The Warner sister runs a joint twitter handle @ellieandizzi. Their joint Twitter handle has over 54.7k followers. Ellie Warner’s Instagram@ellie_warner has over 25.1k followers, whereas Izzi Warner’s Instagram@izziwarner has over 17.4k followers. 

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