Who is the boxing star that will cover Floyd’s funeral expenses? Are they related?

A boxing star is said to be covering the funeral expenses for George Floyd, who passed on a week ago. George Floyd, a black American from the state of Minnesota, died in a suspicious circumstance after a Minneapolis based police-man kneeled on his neck until he took his last breath.

Following the untimely death, protests sparked all over America for over a week now. Sources have hinted at Casino Online Energycasino that a former all-time world boxing champion is involved in the burial preparations of Floyd. Further, it is said that the star is willing to cover all the expenses. The contribution has sparked a lot of allegations from netizens that they were related to the deceased in some way or had some blood ties.  

Further allegations have emerged that back in 2011, the boxing champion was involved in paying funeral contributions for a former boxing star, one Genaro Hernandez, who had succumbed to cancer for 47 years.

To further sanitize the matter over his involvement in covering the expenses that the deceased’s family has accepted, he has distanced himself from the issue. No response has been given whether they have blood ties, and the conversation has not been fully exploited. But, rumors have that the former star has been extending such kind of charity gestures over the past 20 years.

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Is the start involved in the violence protests being witnessed across the United States? 

Mayweather can be termed as the best of all times during his period on the ring. He managed to defeat the likes of Canelo Alvarez, Oscar De la Hoya as well as Miguel Cotto. Since his departure from the scenes of boxing in 2017, his been living a low-key life. When the death of Floyd exploded, he extended a hand of appreciation to the family of the late only. Therefore, the protest being witnessed across America isn’t involved with him in any way. But some critics’ will argue that by his kind gesture, it’s a way to invite others. Though, we still wait for an official statement to clear the matter.

As the uncertain times unfold razed with protests and the coronavirus pandemic different sectors of the economy are experiencing challenges, including sports as well as sports betting. The CEO of Mayweather foundation said all they had to do is reach out to the Family of Floyd to help give a befitting send off to the slain and nothing much.

Away from that matter, the online casino that offers games, including slots online, poker, and various board games are looking forward to opening the world of sports. Sports betting, including staking boxing tournament where the retired champion fought who is facing heated debate, are avenues that punters stake and win big.

Casino online Energycasino can only say we only stare in disbelief following the uncertainty of rumors Floyd’s death. Also, Floyd Mayweather, the star who retired with 50 undefeated fights paying funeral expenses, is a story that needs scrutiny to clear the air over the stories doing rounds that they are related. Meanwhile, Punters who follow boxing tournaments are eagerly waiting for boxing tournaments’ resumption to stake on various stakes, including slots online, to increase their winnings.

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