Who is Tyler Flach, Murderer of Khaseen Morris?

Khaseen Morris was a 16-year-old boy from Oceanside, New York, who was brutally stabbed to death outside a strip mall. He was a senior at Moat Oceanside High School. Bystanders watching the brawl filmed the fight instead of intervening their fight. The video went viral after it was posted on social media. The investigators went through the viral videos to identify the teenage boy who stabbed Morris to death. They arrested 18-years-old Tyler Flach for the murder of Morris.

Tyler Flach Murder

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Nassau County Police Department Urged Those Who Filmed The Incident or Knows Any Information Related to the Incident to Come Foward

Tyler Flach was reportedly arrested on 18 September 2019. The investigating department has urged those who filmed the incident to come forward to help the case with the videos they filmed. The available videos showed that Flach was not only the person involved in the brawl, but there was also a group of other boys who attacked Morris. The police are trying to identify other people directly involved. One of Morris’s friend was also injured during the fight. He stated the group who attacked them did not belong to their community. They have not found any evidence of gang affiliation yet.

Tyler Flach Video

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Nassau County Police Department Detective Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick stated in a press conference that the video filmed by bystanders helped them to identify Flach. However, he expressed his outrage to those teens who did not try to intervene the brawl, instead, they took their mobile and filmed the incident. Flach is charged with second-degree murder.

A GoFundMe account to help the Morris family has been created and it has already raised over $25,000. Morris’s sister, Keyanna Morris was devasted after watching the video where she saw her young brother being fatally stabbed and bleeding on the sidewalk. She also urged people to support and fight for justice for her brother, who lived only 16-years of his life. Morris’s family, relatives, friends, his community, and everyone who learned about the incident have sent their condolences.

Tyler Flach Victim

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Who is Tyler Flach, Murderer of Khaseen Morris?

Tyler Flach is an aspiring rapper from Long Beach, New York. He goes by the name “BabyTy”.  Here’s everything to know about Tyler Flach, Murderer of Khaseen Morris. 

Everything to know about Tyler Flach, Murderer of Khaseen Morris

1. Tyler Flach is an aspiring rapper

The 18-year-old Flach is an aspiring rapper. He has a SoundCloud account under the name “BabyTy”. His latest single “When the Trap Call” has more than 112,000 streams. The music video of the single was released on 13 August 2019. The video has over 71k views on YouTube. 

Tyler Flach Rapper

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2. Tyler Flach fatally stabbed Morris to Death for a Girl

Tyler Flach stabbed Morris to death during a brawl at a strip mall. And the reason for their fight was ridiculous. It is reported that the fight started over a common girl and perception of “whom she might be dating”. After reviewing the video filmed, Flach and his group pre-arranged the fight after school. It is reported that Morris was seen with another boy’s girlfriend. A group of teens including Flach attacked Morris and Flach stabbed him. The girl was not involved in the fighting incident that led to Morris’s death.   

3. Tyler Flach Instagram Account is Deleted

Tyler Flach had his own personal Instagram account under the name “BabyTy”. However, his Instagram account has been deleted now. It is unclear when his account was deleted. Instagram might have deleted his account due to his criminal accounts, stabbing a 16-years-old boy to death. His Twitter handle @ihateBabyty is also deleted following the incident. 

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