Who is writing posts for celebrities' Instagram?


When you check out the pages of celebrities on social networks, you do not understand how they always manage to share the details of their lives with such a busy schedule. New photos from the red carpet are published on Instagram; their comments on different topics appear on Twitter every hour. They discuss the new track by Justin Bieber, another Photoshop scandal, and make jokes while watching the viral videos and go live to talk to their subscribers. As it turned out, celebrities have their secrets! Of course, they don't use any cheap writing services, but they still hire special people who do all the work for them. 

Insta-assistants run celebrities' accounts

We have, of course, suspected that the stars have very little time. But we have genuinely believed that they take their selfies and photos themselves most of the time. Or at least ask their friends to do it. But after Selena Gomez's interview, everyone doubted it. The singer admitted that she was tired of her Instagram. As it turned out, his assistant had been running it for a long time, and Selena doesn't even know the new password to her account. At one point, the star became very dependent on social media. She started her day by checking out the feed and spent a lot of time there. Plus, she was upset by the negative comments from the haters. Eventually, she found a way to give the phone to her assistant. That's what a lot of celebrities do. Britney Spears admitted that she had a whole team of people running her social networks. However, she asks that they coordinate every post with her. Ariana Grande is another person who carefully checks every word before its published. And Taylor Swift has a special person who edits her pictures in Photoshop because she wants to look perfect all the time. By the way, these people get pretty high salaries, but they have to be online 24 hours a day. And some celebrities who have pages in social networks, do not even have an application on their phones. These stars include Miley Cyrus, who doesn't have the Instagram app on her phone. She just sends photos to her assistant, and she, in turn, uploads them from her office. But some celebrities run accounts on their own. However, they create only a few posts, while the rest is the work of their assistants. Some special people literally follow a star and take pictures of them at every step, in order to make a good photo for Instagram. These people help celebrities to choose the right posture, touch up their hair, and makeup. Celebrities usually take a few pictures in different clothes during the day and then post the photos throughout a whole week.


You will be surprised to find out that the stars also have special scandal-managers. After all, it's no secret that the two things that attract reporters the most are the release of a new album and another hot conflict. In order to always be in the spotlight, they cannot do without another portion of scandals. A W magazine journalist once wrote that during an interview, he noticed that Selena Gomez received a message on her phone from her manager, in which he said that the photo where she hugged an unknown guy would soon appear on Instagram. And it did appear there. Fans wrote thousands of assumptions in the comments. It wasn't until later it turned out to be a shot from Selena's new clip.

They don't have a single natural photo

Stars' assistants say you shouldn't trust a single picture of celebrities on social networks. Even if this picture shows them just waking up. And especially if there's a "no makeup" caption. Their teams very thoroughly discuss every such "natural" photo. Famous star journalist Joe Piazza declassified in one of her publications that their stylists and makeup artists have been working on natural photos for much longer than on the image for the red carpet. And cups, pillows, and pajamas are chosen in advance and coordinated with brands. Celebrities get paid huge sums by brands for featuring their products on their photographs. 

Actors use their Instagram instead of a portfolio

Some Hollywood stars often experiment on Instagram with makeup and style in clothes for a reason. After all, directors also look through their pages and immediately conclude whether a celebrity can try on the role of a character or not. That's how absentee castings are often held. Casting managers say that they would prefer a celebrity with an attractive and popular Instagram account rather than a star with an inactive profile.