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Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese American Adult actress. She graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor’s degree in History. She started appearing in adult movies in October 2014 and went on to become the No.1 by December 2014 according to Pornhub website. Nothing goes so high in such a short period of time without any controversy. She is right now the most controversial Porn star. Here are 5 reasons why she is so popular.

1. Wearing Hijab in Adult Movies

In a number of clips, Mia Khalifa was seen wearing Hijab while performing a sexual act. According to Islamic views, Hijab is something holy and beautiful and by wearing in adult movies bring dishonor to the religion

2. She was born in Lebanon

She is Lebanese. She was born in Lebanon and moved to America when she was 10 and right now she is American. People of Lebanon still sees her as Lebanese and they find their country’s name is being dishonored by her.

3. Tattoos in her Hand

She has two big tattoos one of them has the opening lines of Lebanon’s national anthem on her left arm and another on her right wrist which has the Lebanese Forces Cross. People of Lebanon are ferocious because of this. These two tattoos are acting as the catalyst for the controversies.

4. Being on the Top

She is the No.1 and the most searched adult actress. All these controversies led her to go to the top which later became another problem. There is a lot of porn which is religiously offensive, but no one bothers about those. People are only concerned for those who are on the top. Being the top adult star makes Mia Khalifa more prone to controversies.

5. Death Threat by the Middle East

Whenever you poke middle east be ready to get the death threat and that is what happened to her. She gets lots of the death threat in her Twitter account from middle east people for disrespecting their religion and country. But the irony is that more than a quarter of searches of Mia Khalifa in Pornhub web site comes from the Middle East.

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