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Guess what, the first fixture of the Round of 16 France Vs Argentina ended with Argentina and their fans in tears. i.e France 4-3 Argentina. Kylian Mbappe's 2 goals made it possible for France to send Argentina too early. France and Argentina faced each other 12 times. this time France got the result that they were looking for. Antonio Griezmann converted the penalty into goals in the 13th minute when Kylian Mbappe was brought down inside the D area. That was a cool finish by Griezman.

Argentina came right back into the game in the 41st minute, when Angel Di maria out of nowhere and shot a canon fire into the back of the post from 35 yards. half time ended in 1-1. Right after the beginning of 2nd half, Messi's strike deflected by Mercado scored easy goals in the 48th minute.1 goal down Argentina turned around the game by 2-1. Argentina's lead didn't remain too long when Pavard scored a stunning goal outside of the D area into the back of the post in the 57th minute.

Argentina lost their composure and France took full advantage of it when Mbappe dribbled the Argentine defender and struck from the left leg, which went underneath the Argentine Goalkeeper Armani in the 64th minute and France leads Argentina by 3-2.

it was almost certain that France was the favorite team to win when Mbappe scored his 2nd goal in the 68th minute when he buried the ball back into the back of the net.
Argentina was likely to lose when they were already lagging by 2 goals and the clock was ticking in their favor. Sergio Aguero came as a substitute and scored the 93rd-minute goal and reduced the goal by 1. But it was already too late for the Argentines Kylian Mbappe was so efficient and effective throughout the game and he won Player of the Match which he surely deserved. Kylian Mbappe destroys Argentina to send Lionel Messi and co home in World Cup. Lionel Messi and company could not make it to the quarterfinal, where his Rival Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal faces Uruguay later.

France vs Argentina  2018

France 4-3 Argentina: Kylian Mbappe send Messi home in World Cup 2018

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  • July 1, 2018