Jim Jones Biography

Today, we will try to present you a very interesting topic and an area that is very interesting which will give you some new information. We will also present a very well-known person in western history.Today, we will talk about Jim Jones, a man who has left a great mark in America religion but also [...]


Tobias Gray Biography

Tobias Gray is a New York Giants football fan who is accused of threatening a mass shooting at Gillette Stadium after hearing that the Patriots signed Antonio Brown. Gray has since maintained via his lawyer that his comments, written in a Facebook post last week, were meant to be a joke. He has been charged [...]


Ayoola Ajayi Biography

An American IT Specialist, US Army Veteran, Salesman Model as well as an Author is named for Ayoola Ajayi. He has revealed that he worked for Goldman Sachets in the IT department as an IT specialist. He also served as an Information Technology Specialist in the U.S. Army. He also worked for Microsoft/Unisys as an [...]


Samantha Barbash Biography

Samantha Barbash is an ex-stripper who was the brains behind a plot that involved slipping MDMA and ketamine into the drinks of Wall Street bankers before stripping them off their money. She is allegedly the stripper portrayed by Jennifer Lopez in the upcoming movie ‘Hustlers’, which is based on a group of exotic dancers who [...]


Hans Christian Gram Biography

A Danish bacteriologist noted for his development of the Gram stain, still a standard technique to classify bacteria and make them more visible under a microscope is named for Hans Christian Gram. Overall, he is a very talented person. Google doodle celebrates Hans Christian Joachim GramGoogle is celebrating the 166th birth anniversary of microbiologist Hans Christian [...]


Kgosi Ntlhe Biography

Kgosi Ntlhe is a South African footballer who plays as a defender for English League Two club Scunthorpe United. He signed a two-year apprenticeship in the summer of 2010. He signed his first professional contract for the club in February 2011. Here are some lesser-known facts of the player, scroll down to know more!Where is [...]


Tom Brooks Biography

Tom Brooks is an American music producer, arranger, engineer, and conductor. He is keyboardist/Music Director for the progressive rock band ‘The Alan Parsons Project’ and is the founding producer of Integrity Music and the Hosanna Music series distributed by Sony. For his production work, Brooks has been awarded 6 Platinum Albums, 12 Gold Albums, a [...]