James Richman Biography

James Richman

Quick Facts Of James Richman

Celebrated Name James Richman
Age 30 Years
Nick Name James Richman
Birth Name James Richman
Birth Date 1989-03-19
Gender Male
Profession Investor
Place Of Birth Smārde, Latvia
Birth Nation Latvia
Height 1.89 m (6 ft 2 in)
Hair Color Bald, Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue, Grey
Source of Wealth Investments
Links Website 

James Richman is a self-made billionaire investor who was born in Smārde, Tukums region of Latvia. The financier reportedly started his privately-held investment firm, JJ Richman, in his twenties which led him to eventually managing the wealth for some of the wealthiest families and institutional investors around the world.

The early life of James Richman

Just like his fellow self-made billionaires Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, John D. Rockefeller, Mark Zuckerberg, Richman is believed to have dropped out of college. He is also known to have ran away from home at the age of 16. Being constantly bullied in school for his awkwardness, he was diagnosed as having Asperger’s syndrome which gave him the innate abilities for advanced pattern recognition. Such ability became crucial in his investments, allowing him to have winning streaks in his investments and Midas-touch like abilities. 

James Richman's personal life

While very little is known about his personal life due in part for his secretive nature, he is known as one of the billionaires vying to bring us to Mars alongside Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson, according to Value Walk. He is known not only have vastly diversified investments, but he is also immensely involved in public service. Latvian-born billionaire investor James Richman is one of the leading proponents and investors in emerging technologies and space travel 

James Richman

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What is James Richman famous for? 

  • One of the few investors beating quant funds
  • Together with Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, he is also investing in space travel
  • He made his wealth as his big bets in tech companies such as Facebook, Tesla, and Uber paid off massively.
  • Due to his Asperger’s Syndrome, he is known to have the innate ability of complicated pattern recognition which makes him an investment prodigy

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